Simple Steps to archive Your DreamHost Emails

DreamHost is a popular web hosting company that also provides email services. For businesses using DreamHost for emails, archiving important messages is essential. Archiving creates a backup of emails so they are not lost if your inbox gets corrupted or hacked.

This article explains everything about archiving DreamHost emails in easy steps. We cover why you should archive, top benefits, different archiving methods, and how Net2Secure can securely store your DreamHost emails for easy search/access later. Learn how archiving saves your business emails and important client information!

Why Archive DreamHost Emails?

Companies communicate extensively via email daily. If emails are lost due to data corruption, hacking, or employees leaving, you may face compliance issues, data loss, investigation troubles, etc.

Archiving creates backups so emails are never fully lost. You can also search archives easily to refer to historical messages when needed instead of messy inboxes. Overall, archiving gives protection, searchability, and legal compliance to sensitive business data exchanged over DreamHost emails.

Benefits of Archiving DreamHost Emails

Specific benefits include:

  • Compliance with legal/audit requirements to store business communications
  • Preserve historical emails as searchable records
  • Added data protection if current emails get damaged/lost
  • Retrieve old client details/financial info easily in the future
  • Limit data/communication gaps when employees leave the company

Easy and Simple Steps to Archive DreamHost Emails

DreamHost offers integrated email services to website hosting customers. While native archiving capabilities exist in DreamHost’s platform, manually downloading emails to store externally provides an extra layer of protection and accessibility by avoiding solely relying on a single cloud platform.

Follow these straightforward steps to archive important DreamHost emails offline:

  1. Login to DreamHost Email Account Navigate to DreamHost’s login page and enter your username and password to access the email inbox.
  2. Identify and Select Emails to Archive: Browse current emails and folders to identify messages needed for legal compliance, containing historical data or other records warranting archival. You may tag, move to a dedicated folder, or simply leave it flagged for visibility.
  3. Connect External Storage: Connect adequate external hard drives or high-capacity USB flash drives to your computer. Later, archived email files can also be uploaded to cloud storage services for geographic redundancy.
  4. Download Selected Emails: Open each email requiring archival individually within the DreamHost web interface. Click the forward icon >> to access the 3-dot More Options menu. Select “Download” to save the exact sent/received message, including attachments, to connected local storage or cloud drives.
  5. Organize and Back Up Archives: Optionally, dedicated folders or file systems can be created on external/cloud storage to organize archived DreamHost emails by year logically, department, client, etc.

Copy these external archives to secondary local backup hard drives bi-annually, preventing singular failure points from losing data forever.

Other Methods to Archive DreamHost Emails

Some options exist to create backups of your DreamHost emails so they stay safe. Here are the main ways to archive DreamHost messages:

Manual Downloads

You can manually save important DreamHost emails to your computers without extra fees. Connect external hard drives or USB sticks. Open important DreamHost emails and select “Download”. This saves them in a file on your storage. Organize the files into marked folders. This takes more effort but is cheaper and fully in your control.

Cloud Archiving Services

You can pay for a special cloud service to move DreamHost emails to online backup storage. These outside services automatically transfer all your emails to cloud servers. They let you easily search for old emails anytime later. The services also add extra security, like encryption. But you have to pay a subscription cost for these extra features.

Third-Party Archiving

You can hire secure IT companies like Net2Secure to archive and protect all DreamHost emails automatically. Their systems have industrial-level safety checks to store old emails without the risk of losing them. They also have a powerful search, so you can still find any message you need later. There are costs, but email security is guaranteed.

Why Choose Net2Secure to Archive Dreamhost Emails?

As a leading Indian data center with over 100+ services globally, Net2Secure excels at securing external companies’ confidential information. We provide dedicated security infrastructure and controlled policies to prevent unauthorized data access.

For archiving DreamHost emails specifically, Net2Secure offers:

  • Compatibility with all standard email platforms, including exchange servers
  • Automated or manual archiving of all internal/external emails
  • Military-grade encryption safeguarding message content
  • Compression for storage optimization
  • Powerful search/filters to easily find any archived email later


Archiving DreamHost emails is crucial for businesses to retain important communications and comply with legal requirements. While DreamHost provides basic archiving capabilities, downloading emails to external hard drives or utilizing specialized cloud archiving services enhances protection and searchability.

Net2Secure offers the best solution for securely archiving DreamHost emails automatically with strong encryption and compression. Using Net2Secure’s extensive data center and security experience guarantees DreamHost messages remain accessible while preventing unauthorized access.

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