Simple Ways to Archive emails in Zimbra Webmail

Have you noticed a sluggish performance in your Zimbra webmail? Perhaps it frequently hangs or struggles to function as efficiently as it should. If so, it’s time to investigate the size of your mailbox. You may be surprised to find it overflowing with emails.

Fortunately, Zimbra webmail offers a solution: email archiving.

But what exactly is Zimbra Mail Archiving?

Zimbra email archiving involves relocating emails from your inbox to a designated folder, keeping them accessible yet out of sight. This process is invaluable for decluttering your inbox without sacrificing access to important messages.

While manually archiving emails in Zimbra can be time-consuming, there’s a more efficient method available through Net2Secure. Their automated solution simplifies the process, ensuring your mailbox remains organized and accessible.

Let’s delve into the steps:

Archiving Emails in Zimbra Webmail

Archiving your Zimbra mail server at regular intervals offers numerous benefits, such as easy restoration in case of accidental deletion.

Net2Secure’s Email Archiving Solution seamlessly integrates with Zimbra webmail, automatically storing emails in the cloud. This professional software guarantees data security and accessibility, even during disaster recovery scenarios, requiring minimal maintenance once set up.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Connect with a Net2Secure executive.
  2. Request a Free Demo of the Zimbra Archiving Solution.
  3. Sign up for the solution once satisfied.

Net2Secure stands out with its array of advantages

  • Centralized archiving of data from multiple mailboxes with just a few clicks, supporting both Zimbra Open Source and Enterprise editions.
  • Advanced search capabilities for effortless email retrieval.
  • Integration with various email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Microsoft 365.
  • Geographically diverse storage options for disaster-proofing your email data.
  • Access archived emails via web interface or email client, unaffected by mail system outages.
  • Ability to archive emails from multiple servers and deduplicate them, optimizing storage efficiency.
  • Elimination of the need to maintain ex-employee mailboxes, saving server space and license costs.

Consult Net2Secure Experts

For personalized guidance and assistance, reach out to Net2Secure experts directly.

By implementing an efficient email archiving solution, you can declutter your Zimbra webmail account, improve performance, and ensure the safety and accessibility of your important messages.

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