What are the ways to archive G Suite emails?

Google provides a plethora of business-related apps that serve as a one-stop shop for company owners. Formerly known as G Suite, such apps are now known as Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is great for storing important files, but it won’t pay to back up your data or restore it if anything goes wrong. You must be the one to take responsibility for protecting your data and making backups of it. Here, we’ll go over the two best ways to back up the G Suite calendar, links, email messages, and files in an instant without sacrificing security.

We’ll show you how to back up all of your files, emails, statistics, etc., in a methodical way. Let us go right into the content without further ado.

Why should you backup your G Suite emails?

The information you save on G Suite may be necessary in numerous situations; for example, it might come in handy in:

  • Destruction of data by users, whether accidental or deliberate.
  • Problems brought on by third-party apps that have accidentally granted access.
  • Theft or loss of synchronized devices.
  • Google service delays or unreasoned reasons.
  • Malware or threats to security.
  • Legal or requirements for audits.
  • Handling user data in the event of unexpected staff resignations or terminations.
  • You can avoid unexpected problems like these using G Suite account backups.

How to Archive G Suite Emails?

Here are the top ways that professionals recommend for archiving G Suite emails, and we’re going to show you how to do it. You may preserve emails and ensure the continuity of the business by using these ways.

Google Data Export tool

You can save data from many Google services with the help of the Google data export tool. Google Drive, Calendar, Gmail, and more can all have their data exported. You can create a duplicate of any particular file and save it.
The data export feature in Google Workspace is available to all subscriptions. However, it is protected and may only be accessed by super admins. Any user’s data can be archived by the super admin of the workspace.

Visit takeout.google.com to download data from any of Google’s products, as indicated above. With Google Takeout, you have a greater say over your Google goods and may customize their management to your liking. If you are interested in downloading a backup of your Gmail, Google Drive, or any other file, all you have to do is make a takeout order.

Google Takeout tool

The primary use of this procedure is to allow for the management of specific user accounts. Managing accounts for many users is not possible with this. So, it’s practical for managing a single Gmail or g Suite account. In contrast to a corporate email account, when the administrator is responsible for controlling and managing email, a personal account just has one user.

The Google eDiscovery

When it comes to email backup, Google eDiscovery is where it’s at for legal as well as compliance-related electronic information retrieval. Email data is securely and organizedly stored using the eDiscovery G Suite archive tool. It looks for information, finds it, and displays it digitally with little effort. Filter search capabilities, including those for keywords, times, and sender specifications, are also available in eDiscovery Manager.

Now you need to know to use Google Workspace Email Backup to back up G Suite:

  • Get a Google Console project up and running.
  • Open the Google Cloud Console and turn on API Access.
  • Each domain level should have scopes added.

Benefits of creating a backup of your Google Workspace emails

  • Compliances: Keeping data in accordance with what is required by law or regulation.
  • Protecting Your Data: Protection against corruption, unintentional deletion, or server problems.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Providing quick recovery in the event of hardware failure, cyberattack, or a catastrophic event.
  • Save Money: Dedicate more space to storage and maybe lower G Suite expenses.

Take the time to back up the G Suite email shields for data. It will help you stay compliant and provide a layer of protection for your business operation in case of unplanned disruptions.

Why choose net2secure?

Make sure you don’t lose a single email by following these steps to safeguard your inbox for future usage. Net2Secure offers backup options that you can consider. Without missing a single email, net2secure will automatically back up all of your company’s emails. If you want your company to run smoothly, this will assist. With net2secure, you may access cloud storage for all of your data needs. You can access your info whenever you want with this.

Net2secure makes it easy for you to –

  • You may recover any file, at any point in time, with its search mechanism.
  • Thanks to Net2Secure’s zero-downtime guarantee, you can check your email whenever and wherever you like.
  • Keep all of your backup data in one safe place.
  • Each email platform can be coupled with Net2Secure’s email data backup software. It is compatible with several email platforms, including G Suite, Outlook, and Zimbra.
  • Support for many protocols: Save messages from both local and network storage via POP3, SMTP and IMAP.
  • Strong encryption suitable for military use.


Efficient solutions are required to back up your G Suite emails. Considering the limits of the Data Export Tool, a trustworthy alternative would be a specialized automatic service such as Google Workspace Backup. Maintain the availability, compliance, and protection of your vital data at all times.

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