Methods to Archive Horde mails and secure your data

Organizing work emails properly is very important for businesses and people. The Horde email system is commonly used for work emails. But Horde itself does not have separate storage areas for old emails, so emails keep filling up your inbox. This makes it hard to find past emails when needed. Also, it is unsafe as emails contain key business details. So, saving Horde emails separately as an ‘archive’ is very helpful.

This article explains easy ways to archive Horde mails securely. Copying mail regularly to other places like cloud storage or external hard drives is called archiving. We tell good Horde archiving methods. They properly and safely save all old and new emails outside Horde. You can then find any past emails quickly. Such archives are safe from hacking or data loss, too, if the Horde account has issues. Let us see how to archive safely.

Key Features of Horde Webmail

Horde offers robust email functionality through an intuitive web interface, including:

  • IMAP and POP3 support: Compatible with standard email protocols
  • Message filtering tools: Automatically organize incoming emails
  • Powerful search: Quickly find messages based on multiple criteria
  • Spam blocking: Identify and quarantine junk emails
  • Mail tagging & stars: Custom labels for important messages
  • Contact management: Organize frequent email connections
  • Security protocols: Encryption for privacy (S/MIME & PGP)
  • Quota limits: Manage mailbox storage space
  • Calendar sharing: Coordinate schedules and events

Manual Process to Achieve Horde Mails

To manually archive Horde emails:

  • Log in to your Horde webmail account through a web browser
  • Open the folder containing emails you want to archive
  • Select the messages (or all messages) to archive
  • Click on the folder menu at the top and choose the “Export” option
  • The export settings box opens. Choose “EML” file format
  • Select the destination folder on your computer to save the file and click “Export”
  • The emails will export from Horde as an EML file to your chosen local folder
  • Copy this EML file to an external hard drive or cloud storage platform via apps like Google Drive for secure archival
  • Similarly, keep exporting Horde emails periodically to archive all new communications externally in organized digital storage
  • Maintain file folder structure properly cataloging date or email category-wise for easy search later

Various Ways to Archive Horde Mails

Cloud Backup

The simplest way to archive Horde mails is using some cloud storage service. Examples are Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. Just link your Horde account and enable automatic backup. Then, all Horde mails will copy automatically to the cloud archive every day. So even if you lose access to Horde later, past emails remain safe in the cloud account. Many email apps like Outlook and Thunderbird also support this cloud sync option. You can access the Horde archive anytime directly through these apps, in addition to logging in to Horde.

Software for Archiving

Special archiving apps are better for managing large numbers of emails. They provide extras like keeping emails safe for a fixed number of years as per business rules. Some key facilities are:

  • Save entire Horde account mails fully, including attachments
  • Allow access only as per the person’s job role
  • Secure protection against hacking
  • Quick searching to find old emails easily

Such archiving software helps meet compliance requirements in legal terms also properly. Examples are MailStore or NetMail Archive.

Local Drives

People with small or personal email needs can simply archive their emails using computer hard drives. Horde lets you directly save any mail folders as OST files on your computer desktop. External hard drives also work for storing more data. The benefits are full control over data privacy and easy backup. But organizing archives this way is manual. If needed, OST files can also import emails back into Horde later.


Manually exporting and saving Horde emails may protect important data but can be cumbersome. As each year’s emails keep adding, organizing this local archive becomes difficult, requiring regular backup schedules. Instead, it is wise to use a secure dedicated email archiving service from Net2Secure that fully automates the archiving process using enterprise-grade servers.

Net2Secure seamlessly captures all inbound, outbound and internal Horde emails with attachments to create an immutable, encrypted backup. Their software allows easy policy-based retrieval and discovery for audit needs while controlling access by role. Eight layers of cybersecurity certify the archive integrity preventing spoofing or tampering.

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