Cloud Hosting for Tally and Windows-Based ERP Systems

Do you still use on-premises ERP software for your business? This could be the moment when you should make the cloud your choice. Cloud ERP platforms like Tally are becoming increasingly prevalent because of these benefits. The Cloud gives you flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness features missing in traditional enterprise resource planning.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Companies worldwide actively use innovative technologies like a cloud ERP system to remain competitive. Implemented as intended, cloud computing will contribute to developing your business objectives, methodology, and IT infrastructure, thus making the cloud a crucial company asset.

Some key advantages of cloud ERP include:

  • Quick implementation
  • Minimal development and maintenance efforts
  • Reduced IT expenses
  • Reliable scalability
  • Convenient platform extensions
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Boosted agility and versatility

With cloud technology, your company can be resilient and adaptive to whatever the future holds.

Support Multiple Organizational Functions

A common database for multiple business dimensions is its core element within any ERP system. With a cloud-based ERP like Tally, you can streamline processes such as:

  • Stock management
  • Distribution
  • Procurement
  • Resource management
  • Accounting and profit management
  • File sharing and synchronization
  • Customer, vendor, and employee information management
  • Project management
  • Human capital management
  • Customer relationship management

This centralized data access simplifies the situation so that all departments work with the current data. This promotes better collaboration and informed decision-making.

Access From Anywhere

The cloud allows you to get your data anywhere, anytime. The only thing you need is a device with internet access. You can connect to your ERP system from your home, office, or even the road. This will greatly benefit you and your team since you can adapt your strategy. You can easily find data and make decisions from anywhere quickly. Your business can be mobile, even without employees at their desks.

No Need for On-Site Servers

Cloud ERP can be accessed through a simple web browser, so you don’t need a special computer or servers at your office. The provider gives you access to all of his resources, which are safely stored in the dedicated data centers. Instead of buying and maintaining equipment, it helps you to save money. In addition, you no longer have to use IT staff to manage servers. The cloud provider is in charge of that issue.

Who else can you trust other than professionals who ensure your data privacy?

Top-Level Security

Data security is very important for every business, as it is the basis of business existence. Cloud providers have the highest security standards. They employ firewalls, encryption, and other means of defense. They do not sleep and always keep an eye on the potential dangers. Your data is also securely stored across multiple locations. It is shielded from such possibilities as fire or storm. The cloud is more secure than most businesses that can afford to do it themselves.

Easy to Use and Learn

The main target of cloud ERP solutions is the end-users, even those not technically oriented. Take Tally, for example – getting started is very simple:

  1. Enter the server address in your browser
  2. Log in with the credentials provided

You will get started with their accounting features within several minutes. Even without complex installation or training. The interface design is simple.

Always Improving

Technology keeps evolving quickly. ERP software of cloud providers regularly undergoes updates. They offer new functions, automation, and integration. They also take into account customers’ feedback as well. If something is not quite right, you can make a request. Providers will give the clients feedback to help solve problems and optimize the solution. Your ERP system is an ever-evolving unit.


Need to get a Tally or Windows ERP system hosted? Go with the cloud! Cloud is so powerful, and it has all these fantastic benefits. You can take the learning with you everywhere you go. Security with high levels of data protection. A major expense is cut off since we have no on-site servers. User-friendly systems that are on the verge of constant improvement. We have a versatile cloud ERP tailored to your particular needs.

Choose our cloud ERP Net2Secure. They give you reliable, secure and cost-effective hosting in the cloud. Their experts provide organizations with an opportunity to transition to the cloud smoothly. There is no difficulty in accessing your ERP system from any device like mobile or PC.

Net2Secure makes ERP system administration simple and flawless. Switch to cloud hosting with us today and enjoy the efficiency and growth that accompany it.

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