Feature-rich Azure Cloud hosting

Eliminate all complexities and embrace the Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services that are fast and more reliable. Discover the powerful features of this Net2Secure utility that await a seamless experience.

Expert Led hosting Expert Led hosting

At Net2Secure, our specialised team oversees every aspect of hosting, from planning to continuous improvement. Additionally, the support team is always ready to assist with any query at any time.

Global connectivity Global connectivity

Strategically positioned data centers ensure low-latency access, allowing you to connect with your audience seamlessly, regardless of their location. Unlock global reach with Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services.

Workload flexibility Workload flexibility

Explore unparalleled flexibility with Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services that enable clients to choose frameworks, applications and tools. This ensures your business runs smoothly and adapts to unique needs.

Seamless scaling Seamless scaling

Smooth scalability with Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services, meticulously planned to adapt to your business’s changing needs. Whether scaling up or down, consistent optimal performance is guaranteed.

Productivity amplified Productivity amplified

Gain access to a vast array of technologies, databases, operating systems and tools, empowering your hosting environment. Elevate your productivity with these Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services.

Advanced security Advanced security

Experience multiple layers of physical and cyber defence with the combination of Azure and Net2Secure. Continuous monitoring further ensures quick resolutions to potential threats.

Industry VerticalsThat We Serve

Net2Secure’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services cater to all businesses, regardless of their industry type.

  • Energy Energy
  • Entertainment Entertainment
  • Retail Retail
  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Financial Financial
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
Microsoft Azure stands as a dedicated cloud computing platform specially designed for businesses to effortlessly create, deploy and handle their digital applications. Azure offers an extensive range of technologies such as web & mobile applications, cloud services and AI services and much more. It definitely is a versatile and comprehensive solution for organizations venturing into the digital space.
While both Azure and AWS serve as cloud platforms, they differ in several important aspects:
  1. Introduction: Azure was launched in 2010 by Microsoft, whereas AWS was introduced by Amazon in 2006.
  2. Compute Infrastructure: Azure relies on virtual machines for computing, contrasting with AWS’s use of Elastic Compute Cloud.
  3. Global Presence: Azure’s cloud spans across more than 140 zones, surpassing AWS, which is limited to over 61 availability zones.
Notably, Net2Secure caters to both AWS Cloud and Microsoft Azure Cloud Hosting services, providing a versatile solution to match your specific cloud platform preferences.
Microsoft Azure regularly updates its service to introduce new and improved features and security patches. These updates are managed by Microsoft to ensure your businesses benefit from the latest advancement without disrupting the operations.
Various backup options including Azure backup and Azure Site Recovery are available, these ensure data protection and disaster recovery as quickly as possible.