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Net2Secure’s Windows Dedicated Server Hosting guarantees a worldwide reach with its exceptional features.

Windows hosting management Windows hosting management

Concentrate on your core business activities while our Managed Hosting facility expertly manages server hardware, support and network functions and its maintenance and updates.

Comprehensive support Comprehensive support

Benefit from Net2Secure’s complete Windows dedicated server hosting support which covers maintenance, updates, backups, server optimization, patching and more.

Tailor your Windows hosting Tailor your Windows hosting

Choose your desired configuration including operating system, RAM, processor and more, to align with your Windows dedicated server hosting needs. Your server must have your specifications.

Reliable servers Reliable servers

Experience reliability at its best with our custom-built servers that includes top-tier data centers. Managed servers and minimal downtime ensure optimal performance, proving beneficial in the long run.

Advanced security measures Advanced security measures

Fortified with advanced features and regular security audits, Net2Secure’s commitment to safeguarding your data creates a secure and robust space for your hosting needs.

Diverse hosting solutions Diverse hosting solutions

Net2Secure extends beyond Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, offering a diverse range of secure and modern hosting plans tailored to meet all your requirements.

Simple & clearPricing structure

Delve into our pricing structure for Windows dedicated server hosting, offering a wide range of plans designed for all types of businesses.

Bronze Inr 3300 GET STARTED
Silver Inr 5400 GET STARTED
Gold Inr 8500 GET STARTED
8 GB
16 GB
24 GB
100 GB
200 GB
250 GB
24x7 support
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Industry Net2SecureCaters to

Optimized Windows dedicated hosting server to uplift organizations across a diverse spectrum of industries.

  • Energy Energy
  • Entertainment Entertainment
  • Retail Retail
  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Financial Financial
  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
Windows Dedicated Servers are tailored for Windows environments, offering seamless integration, enhanced performance, and compatibility with Windows applications and tools. It’s an ideal choice for organizations relying on Windows-based technologies.
Yes, the Windows Dedicated Servers offered by Net2Secure makes sure high scalability. You can easily upgrade resources such as RAM, processors and storage to easily accommodate the growing needs of your business.
With Net2Secure’s strategically located servers across the world, the Windows Dedicated Server Hosting ensures low latency, high availability and wide accessibility to provide optimal performance for your audience spread out globally.
Yes, you can choose the specific version of the Windows server that suits your application requirements. Net2Secure extends its compatibility with Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019. Additionally, it also supports several Windows operating system that seamlessly runs on your hosting server.