Step-By-Step Process to Archive Proton Emails

Emails contain critical information for businesses and individuals. Losing email data can mean losing vital information. Hence, it becomes essential to archive emails to store and manage the data securely for future use.

Proton Mail provides encrypted email services for enhanced security. Archiving Proton Mail emails safely backs up communications while retaining their privacy protections. This helps restore access if emails are accidentally lost or deleted.

In this blog, we explore effective methods for archiving Proton Mail data.

Why Archive Proton Emails?

Proton Mail provides encrypted emails for privacy. However, individual accounts can still be hacked, or emails can be lost accidentally. Archiving creates secure backups of all your Proton Mail communications. This gives an extra layer of protection against data loss from issues like hacking, damaged devices, or locked accounts.

Archived emails can quickly restore messages if your active Proton Mail inbox is damaged. This helps people continue access to important conversations, documents, and past transactions.

So, regular archival means your encrypted communications remain safe and accessible when needed, even if the original emails are compromised or deleted.

Step-By-Step Process to Archieve Proton Emails

Before archiving, ensure you have the latest Proton Mail Bridge software installed on your computer. The Bridge allows accessing Proton Mail data on desktop apps like Thunderbird. Follow the below steps:

  1. Configure Proton Mail Bridge: Open the Bridge application and log in using your Proton Mail credentials. Click Add New Account and authorize the Bridge to sync your Proton Mail inbox.
  2. Setup Desktop Email Client: Download and install Thunderbird on your system. Open the app and configure your Proton Mail account when prompted. This links Thunderbird to the Bridge, which allows you to access your Proton Mail emails.
  3. Archive Emails: With Proton Mail emails now available locally via Thunderbird, you can archive them to your computer storage. Click File > Archive folder to select a folder destination and archiving parameters.
  4. Schedule Backups: Set up a recurring daily or weekly automated archive in Thunderbird’s configuration so that new emails are regularly archived to your selected local folder.
  5. Encrypt Archives: Use Third-party encryption software like Veracrypt to encrypt the email archive folder. This adds an extra security layer protecting your archived Proton Mail data.

Methods to Archive Proton Mail

There are a few suitable options to archive Proton Mail emails:

External Drives

Proton Mail data like emails, attachments, and calendars can be backed up directly using external hard drives or SSDs. This allows manual archives that don’t depend on continuous internet connectivity. The storage devices only need occasional connectivity to sync updated backups. However, physical external devices pose risks like theft, damages and bit rot. So, multiple resilient units and encrypted storage are advisable for securely archived Proton Mail emails that can restore data despite risks of device failures.

Cloud Archiving Services

Specialized cloud archiving services enable automated Proton Mail backups as a set-and-forget solution without hardware hassles. Enterprise-grade security protects archived emails stored on encrypted cloud platforms. This allows robust accessibility to Proton Mail data from any internet-enabled device while also keeping critical business communications safe from external threats. Leading archival-
as-a-service providers additionally help businesses comply with data retention, auditing, and e-discovery regulations.

Email Client Archiving

Desktop mail clients compatible with Proton Mail, like Thunderbird, eM Client, and MailStore Client, allow users to archive account data on their systems directly. However, this still necessitates some manual efforts for initial configuration and occasional archiving. There are also device capacity and security risks for local client-based archives. So online backup services tend to provide more automated, fail-safe long-term repositories for securely preserving all Proton Mail communications.

Choose the Best Proton Mail Archiving Approach

Choosing Net2Secure for email archiving your Proton Mail emails provides the most secure and seamless solution tailored to your needs. As leaders in encrypted communication backups for over a decade, we offer fully managed archival, preserving privacy while guaranteeing accessibility. Our archival platforms leverage cutting-edge technologies like 256-bit AES encryption applied across the transmission and storage of all archived emails and attachments. This ensures complete protection without losing out on searchability or retrievability of communications when required.

Reasons to Choose Net2Secure

  • Years of dedicated experience with encrypted email archiving
  • End-to-end 256-bit AES encryption for data security
  • Automated Proton Mail backup tools to minimize manual efforts
  • Archival storage on Tier 4 SSAE 16/18 certified data centers
  • Custom data retention policies aligned with regulatory needs
  • Skilled experts providing 24/7 support
  • Tools to simplify eDiscovery requests
  • Global secure file transfer from archived emails
  • Full compliance with your industry regulations
  • Constant monitoring to prevent tampering risks


Archiving Proton Mail emails is vital to securely archiving important data for the long run. It streamlines organizational needs for eDiscovery and compliance reporting. Along with external drives and email client plugins, specialized cloud platforms offer fully managed archiving-as-a-service for automated, encrypted Proton Mail backups.

They provide ideal long-term repositories for sensitive data with air-tight cybersecurity, unlimited storage, and scalable features. This hassle-free email archiving ensures operational continuity by safeguarding invaluable Proton Mail-based digital communications for any contingency. Contact the managed service experts at net2secure to configure the best-fit Proton Mail archiving for your specific requirements.

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